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February 5, 2008 at 1:04 pm (Uncategorized)

How can loving someone with every pinch of what u are made of be possible on the face of earth…? i mean at times all i can do is wonder ..and think too hard maybe …rethink every detail that could prove me wrong ..and maybe all this is not true..but then again i come back to the fact that at atleast one point in our lives We all have heard about it and seen it in fiction, on the television screens ,maybe even fantasized about it but in real it all seems so surreal.. .i mean to describe it in words is not possible ….if i speak from what i feel and have experienced its like how that first touch sets u up on fire instantly or how it feels like to have known that person from an eternity ..or how u seem to never be able to get enough of him or how u can just never stop thinking abt him or how the thought of him brings about the biggest smile on your face or go you go weak in your knees juss with the mention of his name and then the heart gives a warm smile… how literally there’s a crave in u to be with him , listen to that voice, to the laughter or how with every breath one takes the other is on their mind and in their heart and soul ……there are such infinite things that cross my mind a million times but this feeling one should never let go of … to experience love is is to feel how bird who for the first time has spread her wings and can never forget how that feels like to surrender to an open sky…..!

its a feeling they never wanna let go of ..the feeling of to always be in those arms ….2 close eyes eyes and be able to feel his presence,to get Goosebumps ..he he ..that’s how it feels …..When u just cant really cant stop loving him… even if u try try its like that piece of string that pulls u back in every time u want out ..its being addicted… its forgetting about yourself….but still remembering the minutest details about him.. to not be bale to fall back asleep once having heard his voice…to be smiling to yourself for no good reason……well thats what everyone thinks but secretly in ur heart you know its he and his most stupido act that could have caused you to smile… getting that adrenaline rush every time u are together…its in the the eyes..the look..its the inability to just lose your calm on even the jerky frustrating but like they say that it can make you do crazy things…its remembering all the important dates..hehe well girls do…lol thats me being biased as i know guys who do too and girls who never do..its even forgetting them and then the fights and the make up’s… thats th best part..wink wink.. its the waiting…maan thats the worst part but still at the end of the day when u just get to talk it seems worth it.. its listening when no body else will.. its understanding what usually people would just miss.. its not laughing with the world when they do its standing by the other one and fighting back.. its to have that urge to be able to protect him from all the ignore your own tears but still at the same time be wiping them off his… its putting their needs before your own and its being happy when they happy..its to surrender and be submissive..and to juss melt in ….to dissolve in…. its knowing u can lose him and he may never be your’s but still going ahead and giving in ur everything to him.. its trusting him with your life..its a belief.. its faith and hope….

do u remember how when u had first gotten wet in the rain..that first droplet of water that fell on your face …. the cold against our warm skin…its so soothing … that first feeling is just unexplainable and similar is the feeling being described above …. it may not always be will definitely hurt us and cause pain but still undoubtedly it is the most beautiful feeling to have been witnessed by we humans…

its a beautiful mistake…
its the bittersweet joy..
its the irresistible desire to be desired…
its to learn to live…..
its a temporary madness…
its being passionate..
walking on fire and flying in the skies..
its the warmth found in chilly winds..
its the shelter found in destructive downpour in the skies…
its letting go and holding on..
its a free fall in the air…
its the whispering wind against our skin…
its not the big things…its all the little ones..
its the falling of a teardrop just at the sight of him…a happy tear
its a gesture..a smile..a hug..a kiss..a word..a look..a touch..its love love nd love..!

“they all said you’ve lost it…… i smiled at first and then i laughed …. i laughed because foolish were they that they couldn’t understand how in his love had i discovered myself….”

and thats what i learned….to discover yourself after having lost you is what this feeling is all about.. the world is here to laugh at us …. we cant never expect them to understand.. to smile at the things we smile at.. to cry about something that might have caused us pain…. they would never hold our hand in our troubles.. they can just make our decisions seem bad enough… make us the sinners… but it is up to us … now we have the privilege to make the decision.. and i firmly believe.. its always up to us.. as in love and even our lives….

WE always have the CHOICE ..!


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